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        1. The ABS tuyere profile has a wide market in the future
          Source:ABS tuyere   Addtime:2008.04.29   Read:
          The ABS tuyere profile has a wide market in the future

          With the wide use of ABS tuyere profiles, people are seeing the advantages of ABS vent profiles, and they also begin to pay attention to the shortcomings they expose. Its main advantage is that it will not deform or degenerate under high temperature, which is mainly due to the thermal deformation temperature of ABS can reach 95 degrees. Not only that we have added antioxidant and light - stable reagents to the process of production, which effectively reduces the Yellow problem because of absorbing ultraviolet light.

          The ABS tuyere profile manufacturers believe that the mold wall thickness should be taken into account in the design. We should reduce the early guarantee strength as far as possible to speed up the production cycle. ABS has good electrical insulation and almost no influence on temperature, humidity and frequency. It can be used in most environments. Because the thermal deformation temperature of ABS is mainly around 95 degrees, we can also raise the ABS outlet products after annealing for about 10 degrees. The ABS tuyere can still show some toughness at -40 C, and it can be used at the temperature range of -40~100 C. Through a brief introduction to our ABS air vent profile above, we have a simple understanding of ABS air outlet profile.

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